The Reactor version 1.0 - by Shoot_me

Map story and information can be found HERE


Have fun!

Download: - 1'213 KB.


Posted by MadMax_FMM on 2005-03-22 17:38
Very nice! I'll try it soon. Looks like another candidate for 1.3 usercampaign. ;)

Posted by Edgar on 2005-03-22 21:09
if u respawn as a zombie ur stuck.

Posted by Shoot_me on 2005-03-22 22:22
I figured that happen again. I'll have player_zombie spawns added in the next update to prevent that. I'm going to try and polish up what's built so far and add in all the non-mission stuff before moving on to the last section of the map.

NOTE: This map uses detail textures from bb_bunker2, I will include those in the final archive, but have not yet to keep the .zip small.

Posted by UndeadDuck on 2005-03-23 02:41
Unable to open the access doors, you and the other surviving civilians must...

...kick undead ass

Posted by Brad on 2005-03-23 15:27
From the looks of it, this map is shaping up very nicely...

I'm excited to see what the finished product will be

Posted by Shiraz on 2005-03-23 22:09
hey do any of u guys know whats the difference betweent client and server versions of BB?

Posted by Shoot_me on 2005-03-24 00:06
You install the client version of BB if you want to connect to dedicated or listen servers, you install the server version if you wish to run a dedicated server.

You can find more information on the BB forums at the link below or by clicking on the forums link in the menu on the left.

Posted by Fogel on 2005-03-24 00:09
but if u dload the client version u can also create a server :p dunno whats the difference...only the dedicated option?

Posted by .:C0|v|r4DE:. on 2005-03-24 05:27
Very good map man, I liked how the game started with the hole Powerplant freaking out!
However, fix the nuclear reactor area, you cant get back up once you turn it off!

Good job though, I cant wait until its done!

Posted by Shoot_me on 2005-03-24 20:51
I can reset the func_button to allow you to switch the reactor on and off for now, but in the final version, you'll only be able to switch it off once, of course, it may not stay deactivated. :p

Posted by Gräuler on 2005-03-26 18:48

There are only few 'safe spots' in the map - I like it!

Posted by Viking on 2005-03-26 23:38
Very cool map, as I've said in your topic. With a little polish it will be teh coolest evar ;)

Posted by zippy on 2005-04-09 06:26
great map my hat comes of to you

Posted by R.P.D Kakashi on 2005-04-10 01:13
Its its its a great map.

Posted by zombakilla on 2005-04-16 03:16
make two choices of teams {humans
and zombies}

Posted by Shoot_me on 2005-04-16 03:48
How would I go about doing that? I don't think that the BrainBread team allows mappers to control something like that.

Posted by KamikaZeus on 2005-04-19 10:51
Awesome, perfect ...
Too bad my GeForce2 doesn't allow me to use the detailtextures :S

Posted by oixy on 2005-04-26 09:16

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