The Crash version 0.8 - by Jesus Fu


Download: - 6'931 KB.


Posted by gabriel (moon Bride) on 2005-04-13 14:59
looks good. but the zombies say´s :EEEY ALAAAAH!!!

Posted by Jesus Fu on 2005-04-13 16:36
delete the ambience/ambience.wav file if you don't want to hear that.

Posted by Jesus Fu on 2005-04-13 22:33
I'd also like to add big thanks to 4thidusa's Ssg H. for many textures used in this map and -Rusty-'s statue and police car models.

Posted by Enforcer Killizon7901 on 2005-04-14 00:00
that map looks good! AWESOME!

Posted by JaMaN on 2005-04-14 15:55
Very nice map, i like the way the weapons are avaliable, makes the map more than "frag anything that moves".

A second part in the Police Station could be great

Posted by **[STARS]**BrasileiroSk8r on 2005-04-15 02:39
Theres already a police station map of RE. Anyway, really good map. Great design. Could use a little more tweaks like adding some burning cars here and there. Plus, at the start of the level, i kno u r probably basing that off of the start of RE 2. In that case, y dont u make that big truck that is in the starting point covered in flames so it blocks out that night sky wall behind it? It would add to detail and the truck is on fire RE 2 since it crashed there. Anyway, great RE map. MAKE MORE!

Posted by last human on 2005-04-16 02:31
you could make a tree with blood in it

Posted by jason on 2005-04-16 08:11
i'm from taiwan WHo to you play??

Posted by VvvvV_Saint_VvvvV on 2005-04-16 11:10
just played this...WOW! lol all i can say is...WOW!!! its RE first person style O_O (yes i got all the models n stuff so it was truelly an authentic RE experience for me ty i enjoyed it

Posted by **[STARS]**BrasilieroSk8r on 2005-04-16 17:28
In the warehouse office room, put a Desert Eagle instead of S&W Revolver. Just to add a RE2 element in there since Leon gets a deagle in the game.

Posted by GIR_Almighty on 2005-04-19 23:22
It says "can't open file" when I try to play... :'(

Posted by JesusFu on 2005-04-20 00:54
You installed it wrong.

Posted by Ed_Oscuro on 2005-04-20 01:11
Everybody must get this map.


It's the quintessential BrainBread map, and it rocks.

Posted by Dobedo on 2005-04-23 22:02
This map is by far one of the best I've played on BrainBread. It has a Resident Evil layout and a slightly more convinving plot to it despite some of the same missions from previous maps. This map has earned a good review so, myself and my friends give this map a 9 out of 10

Posted by UndeadDuck on 2005-04-24 23:20
mmmmm sexy

Posted by pwn of the dead on 2005-04-28 10:27
anyone know how to get to the mini-gun and propane tank thats all secluded or is it a bug?

Posted by Jesus Fu on 2005-04-29 08:27
I will say this, it is possible to get the mini-gun, propane tank, dual glocks, and the flamethrower in this level. But it is an egg, seek the golden nintendo and you shall find the weapons.

Posted by pwn of the dead on 2005-04-30 11:52
i found it earlier tonight... and im not saying jack bout where or how... hahahahaha

Posted by hey on 2005-06-28 18:21
where do the .wad thingys go plzzz help me

Posted by this guy on 2005-07-06 05:06
a read me would be nice.

Posted by thone on 2005-08-08 22:11

Posted by OLD MATE on 2005-08-12 15:41
used to work now it crashes out .. but its rad when it is working thumbs up dude..

Posted by GANGSTAZOMBIE on 2006-04-03 12:08
yo i think this looks like the part fo resi 2 just before u go into the bus is it

Posted by hed collecter on 2007-08-27 15:45
when i try to play it say cannot open folder. can som1 help :(

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