PotDiving version 1.0 - by GIR_Almighty

One really trippi map... Done with BB textures... Best played at 100 gravity for extra fun. Wad error fixed as of 9:13 4-24-05.

Download: - 131 KB.


Posted by Kamikaze on 2005-04-24 14:34
. . . its differnt....

Posted by JesusFu on 2005-04-24 21:43
attach the "buzzybread2.wad" to the zip, because it won't work for anyone else otherwise.

Posted by the zombe hunter on 2005-04-25 04:08
this is the best map ever

Posted by Gabriel on 2005-04-25 16:55
that map was weird. really weird.
check your fantasys and dreams at a terapsit and see what he say.
i did once. and he said i had a bizzare and cruel humor

i didnt like it but it sounded cool

Posted by gabriel on 2005-04-25 18:43
the map was totaly pointless. but fun.
if you are going to make a BIG map sometime. i would like to advice you to make Shaun Of The Dead Neighboorhood or the night of the living dead house.
and if i could advice you about a small map
then: a bunker in the middle. two towers in each corner. openings for zombies to come in. and NO things to jump up on so zombies cant get ya.

Posted by Enforcer Killizion7001 on 2005-04-27 01:02
Wow that map seems kind too pointless but thats map so to good an fun map, but never played that map before accept unopened shit .wads

Posted by **[STARS]**BrasileiroSk8r on 2005-05-05 23:22

Posted by Gabriel on 2005-05-10 11:35
no pics no clicks

Posted by weeee on 2005-07-28 18:19
could have been edited READ it and you will see that they didn't know how to put a pic in but yet there is one so it tells me it was done by an admin or SOMETHING so HA

Posted by weeee on 2005-07-28 18:20
CRAp sorry bout that windows got switched around was looking at this map thinking i was looking at another SORRY

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