bb_smc_castle version 1.1 - by Neiko

!!Screenie will come soon!!

Map by Neiko! :o
A dedication to [SMC]
Special Thanks To:
Soloist, for making [SMC]
-=Objective 1=-
Kill zombies!

-=Objective 2=-
Kill more zombies!

-=Objective 3=-
OMG! Kill Fred and it\\\'s over!

Download: bb_smc_castle.rar - 1'999 KB.


Posted by rosend on 2006-05-14 19:07
wow!a new map from [SMC]Server,ill check this out =)

Posted by rosend on 2006-05-15 02:12
You should try enlarging you map a little bigger

Posted by Neiko on 2006-05-21 06:54
I made it a little bigger, and added another castle. I also fixed the doors, so they open and close more than once, as well as the zombie spawning in ground. I also fixed the "No spawn point found, your spawn will be delayed" Crap by adding more spawns.

Posted by Winq51 on 2006-05-23 13:33
"!Screenie will come soon!!" im starting to thing u dont know what soon means

Posted by Neiko on 2006-05-24 00:53
Bleh, sorry, I've been busy with school finals, I will get one whenever I play on my server =p.

Posted by rosend on 2006-05-24 14:07
hehe,two castle.neat!

Posted by Razor on 2006-06-07 02:07
Yeah, only problem is if some assholes decide to blow up the boxes in the trench, then people get stuck.

Posted by Neiko on 2006-06-07 03:02
Working on fixing that. (If you are on a server with Superjump, then you can use that)

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