Hilltops LMS version 4.0 - by OMEGA5.1

The same map except now the way it's meant to be played!

Download: - 1'405 KB.


Posted by GS on 2005-02-15 02:10
Screenshot messed up. ^^ - Grey Snake

Posted by moon bride on 2005-02-15 12:04
hmm did you read my topic on the forums aswell?

Posted by Omega5.1 on 2005-02-15 12:28
Yea I read it:-)
I'll fix the pic.

Posted by moon bride on 2005-02-15 12:30
k... Peace Out Wizards

Posted by chinese SUPERforce on 2005-02-20 11:11
It looks BIG!

Posted by scarface on 2005-03-10 00:04
really fun. enjoy snipering on the chooper.
any way to get to the rope w/o jumping on someone to reach it?

Posted by VFC`hollyw000d on 2005-04-08 09:10
I like this map ALOT, especially when you can snipe from the helicopter!!!

Posted by gunman on 2005-04-26 09:34
look here buddy i downloaded it and its not in the create a maps list so how i play it im serious

Posted by Khorne on 2005-06-28 22:39
Jackass unzup it to program files\valve\steam\steam apps\brainbread

Posted by [S.T.A.R.S] Carlos on 2005-08-16 20:28
fun map but the rope should be closer down so you can just jump on it.

Posted by the cowboy on 2007-01-14 23:33
do u need the downlauded verion of half life 2 play BB?

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