Zombie Fair Ground version 2.0 - by _CiviliaN^SoldieR_
A zombie fair ground...

Download: - 1'554 KB.


Posted by josko on 2005-02-26 16:35
I hope it it nice...

Posted by _CiviliaN^SoldieR_ on 2005-02-26 16:54
New download, everyone that downloaded before this message, redownload please.

Posted by hilo on 2005-02-26 22:44
lu moi c hilo a+++aaaaa.

Posted by Gneralas on 2005-02-27 08:00
The map has a good idea behind it, it just isn't fun.

Posted by Der Zombiejager on 2005-02-27 20:43
Hey I liked the original map, I was just wondering what differences were in this map before I downloaded it.

Posted by _CiviliaN^SoldieR_ on 2005-02-27 21:02
Less lag, darker and new attractions.

Posted by Der Zombiejager on 2005-02-28 03:50
Sounds good enough for me to try it out again, thanks a lot!

Posted by moon bride on 2005-03-02 11:11
since you make maps could you make the::
night of the living dead house?
just asking...
if you are just a newbie in making maps then sorry that i wasted time here,

Posted by ryan on 2005-03-03 02:06
it is a good game i like it it is fun have fun

Posted by luis on 2005-03-10 23:23
hola como estas espero que saquen muchos mas juegos pajas

Posted by G.I.R. on 2005-03-10 23:49
I can't get it to work...

Posted by Edmunders on 2005-03-20 02:52
I want to make my own maps for this mod, it kicks ass but do u need special fdg and files to make a map for this mod?

Posted by a on 2005-03-26 06:08
yes, just like every other mod

Posted by Zombie hunter on 2005-03-27 13:53
ya good idea will there be a next version

Posted by _CiviliaN^SoldieR_ on 2005-03-28 17:32

Posted by R.P.D Kakashi on 2005-04-10 01:19
We need High Def. BB in this man (and all maps for all servers and smarter ally cpus too)like in sven co op 3.0.

Posted by R.P.D Kakashi on 2005-04-10 01:20
Even so cpus are still damn dumb.

Posted by chill ot on 2005-05-12 09:59
Yo Moon bride stop saying night of the living dead house

Posted by guest on 2005-06-01 02:34
you make maps with hammer right?

Posted by _CiviliaN^SoldieR_ on 2005-06-23 18:30

Posted by GANGSTAZOMBIE on 2006-04-02 23:28
how do u make maps tell me plz

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