Urban Frontier version 1.0 - by Blue Summer
Well this is my first map ever so i hope you enjoy please send me feedback at

Download: bb_urban.bsp - 507 KB.


Posted by gabriel on 2005-05-03 20:20
you should put in a pic or no one will click...
i clicked anyhow

Posted by Hunter on 2005-05-03 20:28
Ha, i know what this maps like. Just try it people you mite like it.

Posted by Hunter on 2005-05-03 20:41
Well after trying it the lighting needs fixing, random boxes at back and the zombies on the stairs should spawn on ground.

Posted by Blue Summer on 2005-05-03 22:12
Lighting is on purpose. Random boxes= no. Zombies not moving so shush.

Posted by Security Corporate on 2005-05-04 06:34

I downloaded it anyway, although I didn't try it yet. I suggest you add a picture or two so more people would play it. Is there any server that plays it yet?

Posted by Security Corporate on 2005-05-04 06:36

I also forgot to add, try to make a background story for this map (bb_urban.txt) to make it more interesting. Are you going to make it a bit larger in the next release?

Posted by Blue Summer on 2005-05-04 16:45
Yep i will definatly make it larger and will try and create a mission or two .

Posted by Hunter on 2005-05-04 17:51
Dunno how you can call it urban seem as there is no buildings in it!

Posted by Security Corporate on 2005-05-05 08:27
I've finally tried it out. You should make it a city map to fit the name. Right now its like an arena map. But there is no way to get from one side to the other without dying. You also have a few strange textures missing. Maybe you could put players on top of tall buildings in on a downtown street, and they could snipe the zombies. Then have indoor stairs filled with zombs in order to get down. You can make a police barricade filled with cops/marines too. This map has potential, keep going&#

Posted by DOMINIC collins on 2005-05-05 21:23

Posted by chill ot on 2005-05-06 13:17
dude there could be a way to make a hiding spot

Posted by dominic on 2005-05-06 19:07
zobeez r not cool not cool noep not cool ahah zooombeeezzz NO! NO! do not eat me eat hem GOOOOOOOO! AHAH NO! DOOT NOOOOOOOOOO! EAT ME ZOMBEZ NO! I.M EATET

Posted by hunter on 2005-05-06 20:26
you dont make any sense.

Posted by gabriel on 2005-05-07 12:44
hunter. just step back from him. cuz i think hes on something. (pills/drugs)

Posted by chill ot on 2005-05-09 09:26
yknow dominic,s going cra-z
so shut the hell up

Posted by Five-Seven Zombie on 2005-06-03 00:06
He's Been Infected AHHH!

Ok well anways, I liked it, Make some more maps.

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