resident evil police department version 10.0 - by OMEGA5.1
for the resident evil fans. here is the resident evil 2 police department map.

i am not the author and i dont know how to insert a pic.

Download: police_con10.bsp - 6'919 KB.


Posted by GaMeRT1 on 2005-05-15 06:09
This map is not only on the site, its by Omega, my friend. It would be highly appreciated if you looked through the forums and the already posted maps before you posted a map you didnt know anything about.

Posted by **[STARS]**BrasileiroSk8r on 2005-05-15 15:25
FINALLY! IVE BEEN WAITIN A LONG TIME FOR THIS ONE. Havin to settle for an uncompleted one. Im not even gonna need a pic for this. Im only gonna need some info on y it keeps tellin me theres an error wen i dl it.

Posted by Spin on 2005-05-16 12:07
The maps in the forums should be reposted in this listing as we'll chose maps for 1.3 from here.

Posted by gabriel on 2005-05-16 17:21
spin il send ya the pics next friday

Posted by themannwhoknows on 2005-05-17 18:10
Many of the rooms and coridoors need some work namely the offices.

Posted by **[STARS]**BrasilieroSk8r on 2005-05-18 03:28
The helicopter pad, at the top of RPD, could use more work as in placing a crashed copter and flames there. The stairwell that is outside could be redone also. Plus, the offices need a little more lighting. And next time, add some missions to it plz.

Posted by Survivor Hunk on 2005-05-18 07:52
can u tink of a way to make the zombie stay and stand still? Becoz the moment i enter e armory at e basement floor(where u need to switch on e generator) i always got jammed by those zombies crowding outside e door. Pls look foward to it..u did a great job..

Posted by fag on 2005-05-20 00:33
this is da most hurtin map i ever seen it sucks

Posted by Dobedo on 2005-05-20 01:45
Your name says it all, Fag.

Posted by **[STARS]**BrasileiroSk8r on 2005-05-21 02:02
None of u guys truly appreciate the Resident Evil experiance u get outta this!

Posted by Dobedo on 2005-05-21 08:04
I do, I just dislike how it's not exactly like the RPD building.

Posted by SE_Viper on 2005-05-31 06:49
Sweet map !! Resident evil forever !!

Posted by GaMeR on 2005-05-31 16:28
You guys are so far behind! This map has been here forever! As for your updates, omega hasnt been on lately so he wont update

Posted by Axem_Red on 2005-06-01 10:29
does anyone know who this omega guy is? tell him to do a remake. it actually took me a while to figure out it was the RPD and im a huge Resident Evil fan and my favorite is RE2 so...but anyway, i was up on the second floor and looking down on the first floor when i thought "hey, this looks just like the RPD", then when i took a good look around, i realized it was. but it sucks. and there should be mission objectives. and outside on the helicopter rooftop there should be a crashed helic

Posted by Axem_Red on 2005-06-01 10:32
helicopter. there are some small flames in the hallway, but thats stupid. also, i want to be able to see the street and lights below. and the whole level needs work really. to be honest, besides the main room, most of the rooms and hallways barely resemble RE2. thats the whole reason it took me so long to realize it was the RPD

Posted by Lt.Crouton on 2005-06-07 00:55
How do i get this to BB on Steam?

Posted by orangeweapon2 on 2005-06-09 01:58
this map is fun and there is a picture i want to show you all it might be fak go to the thing if it works

Posted by orangeweapon2 on 2005-06-09 04:04 i messed up

Posted by Radman on 2005-06-11 23:50
I miss Omega, he was one of the best map makers BB had ever seen.

Posted by shiznit on 2005-07-03 17:46
this game is pants

Posted by GaMeRT1 on 2005-07-13 02:26
I have omega on my MSN and aim hes too cool for all yall!

Posted by Sheppo on 2005-08-07 19:06
i always wondered what happened to all the stars members! a lot would have been taken out by nemesis but does anyonre know who survived??

Posted by REZ 4-EVER! on 2005-08-08 14:55
I dunno Sheppo, i think all they have been pwnd.... ;( theyre all killed rez1-rez3...?

Posted by nemeissis on 2005-08-10 18:28
umm chris,jill,rebbecca,wesker they all servived

dont think i wont get you S.T.A.R.S

Posted by noob on 2005-08-16 20:28
how do i get the game?

Posted by 133r0y on 2005-08-23 20:48
lush map! its GREAT! cant see how the RE fans dont reconize (bad spelling) this map as its pretty much the exact lay out as the game. they must be HUGE fans lol.

all i'd say is that in the next version there should be objectives and then escape by a chopper or something. would be cool.

overall i'd say this map was spot on!

good work

Posted by azurestrife on 2005-09-03 20:41
Any one else get the error message saying it cant find the proper module or whatever when u download it?

Posted by mitchell lawless on 2006-02-21 01:32

Posted by mitchell lawless on 2006-02-21 01:32
How do i get this to BB on Steam?

Posted by Fullauto on 2006-03-28 20:08
Hmmm fun map BUT i can pridict the zombies `

Posted by Shiro on 2006-04-17 06:46
dude Barry survived too i think...

Posted by ChocoNick on 2006-04-27 01:56
lol... naa man... barry died along with my will to live... =(
we were gonna be something special... ='(

Posted by -kl- on 2006-04-28 14:07

Posted by Guest on 2006-05-03 22:50
i need a link for this map can someone please send this to me please?

Posted by oscar on 2006-06-15 05:59

Posted by Hunter on 2006-06-19 10:22
Resident Evil 4 Life!

Posted by HANS on 2006-06-22 22:43

Posted by Sturmwehr on 2006-06-22 22:45

Posted by Hunter on 2006-06-26 08:24
Genau, Deutschland wird Weltmeister... und ich habe Resident Evil erfunden! LOL

Posted by Kolja on 2006-06-28 12:52
Resident Evil Forever.

Posted by unknown on 2006-06-29 09:17 /// /// ///


Posted by sven coop player on 2006-08-09 20:49
They should convert this map to sven coop and add more custom things like new enemies and such, you dont need to worry about mission objective in sven coop. oh ya, u can also add puzzles into it.

Posted by jesse on 2006-12-02 22:17
this map is sweet i love it!

Posted by jesse on 2006-12-02 22:19
the sven coop idea is very good i play sven coop to i cant wait till brain bread:s comes out

Posted by makis on 2006-12-25 16:45

Posted by delta45555 on 2007-01-28 17:51
This map is excellent, however he Omega5.1 doesnt have internet at the time, he is working on a BB source map right now.

Posted by jackish on 2007-07-25 03:44
nah barry survived unless you MEANT to kill him, he was suppposed to survive

Posted by Slayer Sashima on 2008-08-13 01:38
Yup barry does live but almost bites the dust several times in re1 alone, but i believe the story is they go to europe to raid the umbrella main hq. but anyways when i tried this map i was in awe total awe its all pretty much the same except the fact that the statue in the main hall is a tree:P well done... seeing as NOONES answered this if anyone else doesnt kno to put this map in steam go to steam/steamapps/UR account name/halflife/brainbread/maps its also known to be under valve then steam :P

Posted by Ronaldleawn on 2022-01-12 04:29
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