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We're back - Zpin, 2005-09-14 23:01
One of our newest teammembers provided us with some webspace. We'll use that until we get our own server.
I restored a backup of one day before the crash, so some posts may be lost.
We still don't have access to the old server which means that the custom map files won't be available until it's up again.

We're still there! - MadMax_FMM, 2005-06-27 15:22
We know that it has been a long time since the last news update. We want to let you know that our team still exists and apologize the lack of news in the past. We, the IronOak Team, are very busy with our first commercial first person shooter. We're still planning a few fixes, small patches & updates for Brainbread, but at the moment we aren't able to give you specific release dates. Thank you for your patience and have fun playing the latest version of Brainbread!

- The IronOak Developer Team

Concerning BrainBread v1.3 - Zpin, 2005-03-11 17:49
We have started the development on the next patch, BrainBread v1.3. However, we have much to do at the moment with our new project and half the team has exams in the next few days so it might take a while.

We will chose the user maps for the next version from this list. If you want your map to be in the official patch file you'll have to submit it here (please note that you can only edit your map if you use your forum name as the author). We won't consider the maps posted in the forum.

If you like BrainBread and want to support it and our future projects please donate using the PayPal button below. We are grateful for every donation, no matter the amount. If you donate more than $1 you'll also be listed in our credits section!If you have any suggestions or bugreports please post them in the forums (in the appropriate section).

User maps list - Zpin, 2005-02-03 20:24
If you've made a custom map you can now publish it on the official BrainBread homepage!
I added a new section today where you can submit your map, and if you have a forum account you can also edit the details of a submited map (the author of the map has to match your forum username).

Check this link to see how your map's page could look like.

You can find the full alphabetical listing of usermaps on this page.

If you want to submit a map please use this form.

We'll also select some maps from this list for the next version of BrainBread.
- Spin

Added a comment system to the map info pages.

BrainBread v1.2 released! - Zpin, 2005-01-15 20:00
BrainBread v1.2 is now officially released!
There is no patch from v1.0 or v1.1 to v1.2 as the patch would have been nearly as big as the full version.

Check our downloads section for a list of mirrors for the lastest bigger, better BrainBread version.

There you'll also find the new fgd and a no gore patch as requested by some players.
If you know a mirror which is not yet listed in the downloads section, please add it using this form.

- Have fun, The IronOak team

Spread the word - LordScottish, 2005-01-14 22:31
Hey there!

BrainBread v1.2 is waiting for the release tomorrow. The patch will be released 19.00 GMT and it will extend the content of
BrainBread significantly. Make sure you and your friends don't miss it! For details concerning the exact changes check the

-Added a official Science-Fiction campaign (3 maps)
-Added a custom user campaign (9 maps)
-Updated all the existing maps
-Implemented a new gameplay mode: last man standing, the maps start with "lms_"
-Added 2 new weapons: a gastank and a winchester rifle
-A lot of bugfixes
-Gameplay adjustments
-Overall improved atmosphere
-Even greater weapon feeling
-Fixed bug where some players didn't enjoy BB
-Actually the gameplay is not just adjusted, but generally a lot better
-massively increased variety
-.44 is now a slot 2 weapon
-stunning new sound experience (2 new sounds added)

Full changelog

Cya ingame, the IronOak team

Weapon Nr.2 revealed - LordScottish, 2005-01-05 20:08
Hey there!
I dont' think I have to write a lot. Many of you have propably seen the Dawn of the Dead remake, and this new weapon will handle exactly like the movie weapon. Well, it might not be that strong, but still fun to use, believe me

Website relaunch! - LordScottish, 2005-01-01 18:44
Things are back to normal! Forums work, Gallery is back with new screens and I have some news for you:
First of all I's like to congratulate to the winners of the zombie skinning contest! There were many awesome skins done by talented artists, and it was a very hard choice. We wanted to implement more skins, but HL once again said "no". I am proud to announce the winners of the contest:
R3bel, MZ.MARS and RoyGBiv.
Thanks to everyone who participated!

IronOak is working on the Beta 1.2 patch content: Madmax_FMM has almost finished his Mappack, Spin fixed reported bugs and implemented a new weapon. The winchester rifle is entirely finished and animated, and we're thinking about adding another weapon for this patch: this time no firearm or closecombat weapon
I hope you're happy with the "Shaun of the dead" winchester!

Cya all ingame!

What is going on? - LordScottish, 2005-01-01 17:13
Hello there!
I think it is a good time to inform you about what was happening in the past week with the BB website&forums. As you all might have heard, we had to change the website host, due to the very high traffic. After changing the host some problems occured: the forum was not working the way it should, the gallery was still down and the dev team could not answer to any threads.
The forum bug has been fixed and it looks like we are going to stay on this server. And now the interesting part:
There will be a website relaunch within the next days. This relaunch will include a new design, some new content, a bunch of news including the finished and implemented Winchester rifle and details about BB 1.2, and finally: updated credits with the contestwinners in it. We're sorry for the delay and wish you a happy new year!!

The Ironoak team

IronOak Mod Public-Enemy at GIGA - MadMaxFMM, 2004-12-29 17:36
The german TV channel GIGA.TV will show our old Mod "PUBLIC ENEMY - THE DARK FUTURE" in their GIGA GAMES section at 22.00pm! We'd like to thank Giga for still playing our mod!
Forumthread related to PE at GIGA
Thanks! -MadMax_FMM

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