Lord Scottish Models, Textures, Animations, Webdesign, Websitecontent, Concept
MadMax_FMM Mapdesign, Maptextures, Concept
Zpin Coding, Administration, Concept, Webdesign, Betatest organisation
Recoilmaster PR Sector, Hosting
Additional Help
Chris Website content, Proofreading
Silk Proofreading
Contest winners
R3bel Zombie skin
MZ.MARS Zombie skin
RoyGBiv Zombie skin
Public-Enemy Credits

Also thanks to our donators. Thanks for supporting us!
Donators (Ordered by amount)
NameDonation note
Lcpl.Sanders (Acutal U.S Marine) Aka Sandman BaddAzz Mod to Half Life Keep the Goresystem pumpin. You all are kickin ass keep up the good work. Born to fight, Trained to Kill, Ready to Die, but I never will. OhhhhhRah (4THIDUSA) SSG H.
Custom Game Source
Jeremy Hill I'm just unusually generous today.
Troy Mazzell Love the total carnage of the game. Cant stop playing it.
I got to go get some more butter for my brain bread.
Sincerely, MaddMazz
Major League Online Thanks for the awesome Half-Life mods Public-Enemy and BrainBread.
Major League Online
Jeff Bauman <Shin>Ninth
Chris Cutshall Cap'n Shithooks
Terry Williams Best mod I've played. Please keep up the good work!!
Imprint Gameplay Zealots