BrainBread v1.2 (01/15/2005)
an IronOak studios production

- .44 colt is now a slot 2 weapon
- Included gastank
- Included winchester
- If an empty weapon is dropped it's automatically removed
- Skill increases crosshair calm speed
- Implemented last man standind mode
- Fixed rounding error on remaining zombiekills
- Probably fixed bug where a gun fires the wrong bullet type
- Fixed ammo boxes not showing
- Fixed escape zone exploit
- Other bugfixes
- Increased difficulty by 10%
- Updated the official maps
- Added official Science-Fiction campaign
- Added custom user campaign

Last man standing:
Activated when playing on a map that starts with "lms_":
- Once a zombie you cant respawn as a human
- Last human standing wins
- Mission completion means humans win
- After 15% of the round time has passed joining players won't be able to join the human team anymore
- Everything else remains the same

- Can't be shot while in the box
- After throwing it can be shot or damaged in order to make it explode
- It can be picked up anytime (also after being thrown) if the player doesn't yet have one and has a skill of 10 or more.

(c)2004 by IronOak studios
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