BrainBread FGD Entities (download)
Thanks to Jez for this!


Zombie spawn points (bb_spawn_zombie): the best idea is to set quite a few around,
and set the amount of live children to 3 at the maximum.

Marine Spawn points (bb_spawn_zombie): To create ally grunts, use the same entity
as the zombies, except change the monster to spawn to : monster_hgrunt for a normal
SMG carrying grunt or monster_hgrunt_shotgun for a shotgun carrying grunt.

It is usually best to only place a few marines at key points otherwise they will just
over run the zombies which isnt really how the mod should play i dont think :S


Mission Objectives (bb_objectives): Place this entity anywhere were you want to spawn
a fred or a case (you can select in the case if either only the case or fred (or both)
should spawn at this place, the best idea is to place lots of these around the maps key
areas to vary the gameplay from round to round. Another entities which is linked to this
one is the...


...BB_MISSION_ZONE one. This is needed as a place to take the case to once the player
has picked it up. To create one of these, create a large brush where people will run
into with it. The best place for this is back at the main base of somewhere like that.
Once its created, tie it to the entity bb_mission_zone. This brush will then be invisible
in game and is the return place for the case. Its also a good idea to place a...


...pe_radar_mark in the middle of this brush, as this will show up as a white dot on the
radar, giving the player a clue where to go to drop the case off.


Map Endings: This is possibly the most tricky part of mapping for BB. It took me a while
to figure this out. Place a bb_escapeair somewhere on your map, preferably in the air,
and give it a name, for example bh1. Now place some waypoints, bb_waypoint. Name these
wp1, wp2 etc. Set the first stop target to wp1, then on that set the next stop target to
wp2 etc. until you get to your last wp and set that to wp1 again so it will loop. This
will make the blackhawk fly to these waypoints during the game when it is idle.
Now create a LARGE brush, and tie it to the entity bb_escape_final. This will also be
invisible once in game, but make sure that in anytime during the game, the blackhawk
will not come into contact with this brush. Now place a waypoint above this location,
one where you want the blackhawk to fly to once it has been called. You can set up a
chain of waypoints such as before or just a single one. Label the first waypoint of the
chain fin, or the waypoint you want it to fly to once the blackhawk has been called fin.
Now on the bb_escapeair entity, under rescue route start, set the target to fin or
whatever you called the rescue waypoint. Now your backhawk is setup, you have to set up
the means of calling it. Create a fake radio out of brushs, make sure u have a small bit
of it which you can tie to a func_button entity. Tie this button part to a func_button,
and set it up like you normally would a button but set its target to bh1 or whatever you
called your blackhawk. Now ingame on the last mission, after you push the button the
blackhawk should now come to the last waypoint. But you still have to add markers so the
player knows where to go.

Markers: bb_funk add this to the position of your custom created radio. Add
bb_escape_radar to the position of your last blackhawk waypoint. This entity tells the
player where to go after the blackhawk has been called.

If you active the "always active" flag in the bb_escape_final ent you'll always escape if
you reach this zone. You can combine those things with your own mission. Seal the escape
zone until the last mission has been completed (for example a door etc). After the door
has been opened you are abel to escape.

If you don't put in an Escapezone the round will be completed after the last mission.

.TSK Missionfile
To get the missions to work, you must include a .tsk file with the same filename as your
map. If you open a file such as bb_heavensgate.tsk it just has random random random random.
This is telling the map what type of missions.

random ---> Either fetch the case, kill fred or kill a special amount of zombies; the last
random mission always activates the escape mission, so you should always put
random at the end of your tsk.file if you want ppl to escape!

fred ---> This triggers the fred mission

case ---> This triggers the case mission

carnage --> This triggers the "kill amount of zombies" mission; the amount is related to
the player on the server

Your .tsk file includes the following content:

random - -
fred - -
case - -
carnage - -
random - -

The first "random" triggers a random mission (fred, case or carnage).
The fred triggers the "kill fred" mission AFTER the first mission has been completed!
The case triggers the "fetch the case" mission AFTER you killed fred.
The carnage triggers the "kill amount of zombies" mission AFTER you completed the casemission!
The last "random" triggers the "search the radio and order the helicopter" mission!

"-" and "-" are targets for entities... example:

fred door1 door2
means, that with the beginning of the fred mission "door1" will be triggered and as soon as
the fred mission is completed the entity "door2" will be triggered.

You are also able to create your own mapmissions (take a look at the end of this document)!

Zombies are VERY restricted in BB, so i reccomend leaving escape routes from WHEREVER you
have placed zombie spawns. Zombies CANNOT do the following:

Climb ladders

These are very important factors when creating a map, as if you are having multiple layers,
you must include ramps to each section, and these have to be full access ramps as the
zombies cant crouch. This was the worst problem when i was creating my map.

Short information of those entities

bb_spawn_player: Player spawn
bb_zombie_player: If you create a map with sealed sections you've to avoid, that zombie
players spawn in those sections. Set 12 bb_zombie_players to force a
zombified player to spawn there. If there are no bb_zombie_player ents
in the map zombified players will spawn at the normal bb_spawn_zombie

bb_spawn_zombie: Monster spawn (also used for zombie players and marines)

pe_radar_mark: A white point on the radar

pe_light: Lightsource for the lensflare effect
pe_light_ref: Referenceposition for the lensflare effect

mapobject_npc_crow: A Crow
mapobject_jaguar: A jaguar (car)

pe_objectclip: Mapobjects clip brush for cars or trees/models

bb_equipment: BrainBread equipment item (weapons):
weapon_knife (the axe)
Additional: (doesn't have a world model)

bb_mapmission: A blinking yellow point on the radar.
Target must be the same as the name of the mission
entity in order to get activated.

bb_custommission: The custom mission entity. Self
explaining. A mission is completed as soon as the
entity is triggered (if it's activated).
The missions are defined in:
"random" means that a random builtin mission is
used, any other value names the entity which gets
activated as soon as the previous mission is
completet. The last mission in the file ends the
round. If "random" is the last entry it will be the
rescue mission.

bb_funk: Position of the radio for the last mission

bb_escape_radar: Position of the final ecapezone

bb_healthkit: BrainBread healthkit

bb_objectives: Spawn spot for mission items (case/
fred). Of all the bb_objectives in the map one will
be chosen randomly per mission.

bb_ammo: BrainBread ammo item

bb_tank: Tank
bb_escapeair: BlackHawk (needed for the last builtin

bb_waypoint: Tank/BlackHawk waypoint

bb_mission_zone: A BrainBread mission zone. (Case

bb_escape_final: The final helicopter escape zone
for the humans.

(c)2004 - IronOak studios
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