Crossbreed version beta 3.5 - by [D.O.G]
A Simple Map that puts u in a cript caught between the zombie and human war. This map is only in a beta stage but I have been convinced to add to submissions

Download: bb_crossbreed.bsp - 192 KB.


Posted by Neiko on 2006-08-12 04:50
Testing it without screenies scares me =x.

Posted by Neiko on 2006-08-12 05:02
Also, .wads please? Can't test it without the .wads....

Posted by [D.O.G.] on 2006-08-12 15:42
1. I Would Post Pics But They Are Over The Max Kb restrante 2. The Maps Been Reworked so i am removing this one and add the new one with .wads

Posted by rosend on 2006-09-20 15:34
I agree with nieko, without screenies it kind of freak me out

Posted by me on 2007-03-13 17:41
you need picture

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