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On the left top of the screen you'll find the radar.

- White dots mark the mission zones
- Yellow dots mark objective items
- Green dots show your teammates
- Red dots show enemies (zombie only)
- A blue dot marks the BlackHawk
Teammate bonus

In the top right corner you can see how many teammates are near enough to give you a defensive team bonus. For each teammate you'll receive 5% less damage.



This list is basically a summary of this thread in our forums. Credits go to the corresponding authors (Nekrotzar, TSS and |2enegade).

Q: BrainBread runs very slow on my machine, what can I do?
A: See the Performance Settings section of this manual.

Q: The particle effects don't work or look bad, what can I do?
Use OpenGL as your graphics driver Options / Video. Direct3D is not fully supported.

Q: BrainBread crashes all the time, what can I do?
A: Try setting the variables in the Last resort options section to 0. You have to find out for yourself which one solves your problem as it may be a system dependant problem.

Q: How do I become a zombie?
If an AI controlled zombie reduces your health to or below 0, your health will be frozen to 1 and a countdown bar in your top left part of your screen (below the radar) appears. From now on you have 2 minutes until you become a zombie. You can prevent yourself from turning into a zombie by killing yourself, or getting killed by a player controlled zombie. AI controlled zombies are unable to kill you, although they might keep attacking you.

Q: How do I become a human again?
To become a survivor again you'll have to kill a certain amount of marines or survivors. Your mission objective ticker (located above the radar) will keep you informed about your progress. As soon as you have gathered the right amount of points, you'll automatically join the survivors again after your death.
And remember, you have to click the "respawn back as a human" button before you die. Otherwise you'll keep spawning back as a zombie. Bind the same key used for adding experience points and click the button.
Since version 1.1 you'll die after 60 seconds of being a zombie and then respawn as a human.

Q: How do I win?
By fulfilling your mission objectives. Zombies can't win, they can only try to become part of the survivors team again.

Q: How do I get mission objectives?
Mission objectives are given automatically and are the same for everyone. To get a quick explanation of what you have to do, take a look at your mission ticker (located above the radar). The place where your mission critical object is located is shown as a yellow dot on the radar and as a translucent radioactive sign on your screen.

Q: How do I get and what can I do with Experience?
Experience is gained by killing your enemies and fulfilling your mission objectives. The red bar in the center bottom of your screen shows your progress towards the next level. When you reach the next level, you'll receive a talent point which can be distributed on the three talents:
-health (increases your max health by 8)
-speed (increases movement speed by 5%)
-skill (increases weapon damage by 7% and allows you to equip heavier weapons)
To distribute the points, press and hold the "show mouse cursor" key (to be defined in the options menu) and click on the appropriate button above the experience bar mentioned above.

Q: How do I fire the sawed off shotgun?
The sawed off shotgun has 2 barrels which are fired individually by pressing primary fire for the first barrel and secondary fire for the second barrel. You can shoot both barrels simultanously by pressing both primary and secondary fire together. Note that you can only reload the sawed off shotgun when BOTH barrels are empty.

Q: What kind of secondary firemodes do the weapons have?
Not every weapon has a secondary fire mode. Those that have will perform a special attack or zoom, depending on the weapon. For example the M16 would shoot a quick 3 round burst while the MP5 would zoom.

Q: What attacks can zombies do?
They are limted to only a melee attack with their hands. Tip: aim for a marines head to instantly kill him (must be in front or beside him, not in the back).

Q: How do I control aircraft?
You don't.

Q: Can I destroy AI tanks?
They are indestructable. Just stay away if you're a zombie.

Q: Where do I find certain guns?
This depends on the map. Just explore the maps and you'll find them lying around.

Q: How long do experience levels last?
They are permanent and are saved by the server for 24 hours by default. The server admins can change this time to anything between never and forever.

Q: LAG! why?!
Zombies. Pretty much that. Each zombie has his own set of data, which needs to be sent to all the players so everybody knows where every zombie is. BrainBread has a very high amount of entities (the engine limit).

Q: How many players would be best?
For brainbread, spawnpoints are limited to 12 players. This has to do with the limitations of the HalfLife engine. Reccomended would be maximum 10 for dedicated servers, and less for listen servers. However, it's generally not a good idea to host with a pentium 2 and a 56k modem.

Q: The map is way to small. Make it bigger!
Impossible. the map is already at the very limit of what HalfLife can handle. Any bigger and the game chrashes.

Q: Why are there only 2 maps?
Well, thats because of 2 months of development. More maps will be added later.

Q: I want more weapons!
The same thing as mapping here. This time, the HL model limit has been reached. If you want a new gun, we'll have to take out a old gun.

Q: Why the grainy textures?
Remember, this engine dates from 1996, which is a licensed quake engine, from 1995, and has been in development longer then that so this game is running on a engine more then a decade old. Bumpmaps didnt exist back then, heck, the pentium 3 wasnt even invented. I'd say the textures are good looking, considering.

Q: I shot a zombie, but he didnt die. He should have died!
Did you shoot him in the head?

Q: Yes i shot him in the head, took half his head off!
Ah, then you've seen the effects of the GOREgeous system. This system allows parts of zombies to be blasted away. To succesfully kill a zombie, you have to really pump his body full of lead, or blast off both parts of the head. Sometimes though, just 1 part will suffice.

Q: The game doesnt work! you suck!
Ok now, calm down there, and browse the forums to see if its a known problem. If it isnt, and you're sure you can't find anything about it, post the bug (prefebly with your system specifications) in the bug thread, and basicaly wait for somebody to reply for a fix, or a patch. Remember telling us what the bug did, where it occured, and what you can do.

Q: I have a great idea that might work for BB!
Well congratulations! Be sure to visit the suggestions forum and post it right away. Don't be afraid to discuss it with the community and the devs. Maybe it might even be incorperated into BB. Any input is appreciated, even negative (in the form of constructive critizism, flaming doesnt help anybody.)

Q: What are the minimum system requirements?
Well, this is a tough question. Since this mod has alot more enity's (read: stuff to render) than any other mod, we dont really know what the limit or the minimum specs are. Recommended, however, would be a pentium 4 (pretty much every Ghz hey come in will do), 256 megs of RAM, and a geforce 2 or up video card. This should run the game just smoothly even with a horde of zombies chasing you.

Q: Why do players get angry at me when I kill them when I am a zombie (or when they are a zombie)?
This is because on a lot of servers it is the "unconfirmed" norm that player zombies should attack NPC (non-player controlled) units only (i.e. marines). Likewise human players should refrain from shooting zombie player.

Q: How come if i rejoin a server i get all my old XP back? And how come i dont after a certain time?
Brainbread has the option of saving your XP, atleast a server has that option. In the server.cfg or listenserver.cfg file you can set the time you wish to save somebody's XP. -1 means save it forever, 0 means don't save it at all and any other number sets the number of hours after which the xp should be reset.

Q: I have admin mod but it doesnt seem to work with BB, also metamod is malfunctioning.
Tthats because admin mod and metamod do not have brainbread support yet. Maybe they wil ladd that in the future, we dont know, but at the time of writing they dont.

Q: The blood is nice, but too much for my taste. How can i lower it?
First try setting cl_blood to a lower value or to 0 to disable blood. If it's still too much blood you can edit the cfg files in brainbread\partsys they define every aspect of the blood particle systems.

Q: When i stand on cars, the zombies stop following. why is that?
Because of the infection the zombies have lost all higher brain functions. Thus, the ability to climb, jump, crouch, even sprint. So whenever you get out of their reach, say untop of a car or up a ladder, they will stop following. However, once you get to a level more their reach they will persue you once more.

Q: Why cant i pick up the flame thrower? or the minigun?
You need to invest a few points in your Skill before you're able to pick them up.

Q: Which graphis preferences are recommend for BrainBread
A: OpenGL with a resolution of 640x480 pixels or more

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Controls and commands


See the Steam Options / Keyboard menu for a detailed list.

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BB specific commands for admins
Server settings
sv_exppotence Level per exp increase. Default: 2
sv_expperlevel Exp needed per level up. Default: 150
sv_maxlevel Highest level. Default: 23
sv_savexp Save experience (0 = don't save, -1 = save forever, any other value = save for x hours). Default: 24
sv_playerinfofile Save the experience in this file. Default: players.lvl
sv_difficulty Difficulty modifier. Affects movement, damage, hp, zombie spawnrate, etc. Default: 1
sv_gibcount Maximum number of gibs visible at a time. Default: 25
sv_zombiecount Maximum number of zombies visible a a time. Default: 65
sv_mapvote Switches mapchange voting on/off. Default: 1
sv_varvote Switches variable voting on/off. Variable voting is limited to the variables listed in voteable_vars.txt Default: 1
sv_restartround x Restarts the round in x seconds and resets all stats.
sv_damageinfo Shows a summary of given/taken damage after the player's death. Default: 0
sv_roundtimelimit Sets the duration of one round in seconds. Default: 240
sv_rounddelay Sets the delay between round end and new round start in seconds. Default: 5
mp_friendlyfire Sets the friendlyfire flag. We recomend disalbing it. Default: 0
mp_teamscorelimit x Changes the map as soon as one team has reached a score of x. 0 disalbes this limit. Default: 0
mp_fraglimit x Changes the map as soon as one pleayer has reached x kills. 0 disalbes this limit. Default: 0
mp_timelimit x Changes the map after x minutes. 0 disalbes this limit. Default: 0
Ingame admin commands
plkill x Kills the player number x (use "userlist" to get the x)
bbversion Shows the version of BB running on the server

Defines which server variables can be voted to change by the players, using the "votevar" command (if "sv_varvote" is enabled). Default entries:

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BB specific commands for everyone
say timeleft Shows the time remaining on the current map
say nextmap Shows the next map in cycle
votemap mapname Starts a vote for the map mapname
userlist Shows a list of players currently on the server
playernumber: Name <authid>
votevar varname varvalue Starts a vote to set the value of the variable varname to varvalue. Example: "votevar sv_gravity 200"
Performance settings
r_detailtextures (OpenGL only) Shows detailed world textures. Default: 1
cl_blood Sets the amount of blood (0 = no blood). Default: 3
cl_detailsprites (OpenGL only) Shows detailed sprites for the flamethrower flame and the blood. Default: 1
Last resort options (all default 1)
cl_partsys Enables the BB particle effects.
cl_helpsys Enables the BB help system.
cl_fontsys Enables the BB font system.
cl_fadesys Enables the BB fader system. Will affect many of the HUD elements. If turned off cl_blood sould be set to 0 as well.

You can also find some of these commands in the mainmenu of BrainBread under Options / Multiplayer / Advanced...

To see the whole list of commands for Half-Life, click here (needs an internet connection)

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Lord Scottish
3D/2D/Artist, concept, webdesigner, animations, GFX
Mapper, concept & file, textures, mapobjects, all maps
Coder, concept, most technical stuff, betatest-organisation, manual

Public-Enemy credits

Special thanks...

...go to all betatesters and all the moderators in our forums.

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