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List of custom BB maps:
* = Official user campaign

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Mapname | Comments Mapfile Author Added
bb_first_map 1.27470bb_first_mapDooM2007-Oct-16
Sandcastle 1.0103bb_SandcastleMeNtOsMaN2007-May-05
bb_smc_base FINAL!1481bb_smc_baseNeiko2006-Feb-12
surf swift 1.09bb_surf_swiftunknown2007-Apr-26
Church 140bb_death_churchrosend19902007-Jan-31
Closing In 0.8b9lms_closing_inShoot_me2006-Nov-10
Siege RC 1436bb_siegeShoot_me2005-Nov-21
bb_smc_city Final!12bb_smc_cityNeiko2006-Feb-19
Crossbreed beta 3.58bb_crossbreed[D.O.G]2006-Aug-10
Crossfire 1.020bb_crossfireBazooka Joe2006-Aug-02
Laboratory Trouble ver126bb_laboratory_troublerosend19902006-Jul-15
bb_smc_castle 1.111bb_smc_castleNeiko2006-May-14
bb_smc_deagle 1.0145bb_smc_deagleNeiko2006-Mar-05
bb_smc_sewer 0.525bb_smc_sewerNeiko2006-Mar-05
bb_smc_pit 1.06bb_smc_pitNeiko2006-Mar-01
research_facility v0.124bb_research_facilityrosend_19902006-Feb-27
bb_smc_aquarium 1.08bb_smc_aquariumNeiko2006-Feb-20
mecklenburg_b4v6 215mecklenburg?2006-Jan-04
The Old House 1.062bb_the_old_houseJahzel2005-Nov-10
Gun Rooms 1.039bb_gunzone_finalMcDwindle2005-Oct-26
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