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List of custom BB maps:
* = Official user campaign

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Mapname | Comments Mapfile Author Added
Gun Rooms 1.017bb_gunzone_finalMcDwindle2005-Oct-26
Horror House 1.05bb_horror_housewinq512005-Oct-04
Stalingrad 0.315stalingrad_beta_3klink2005-Aug-10
Mall of the dead 2.046bb_motd2KamikaZeus2005-Mar-03
Nightmare City 1.018bb_nightmare_city_finalmoecomputer2005-Aug-02
bb_shady 3.010bb_shadyHobo Ninja2005-Jul-30
Noob Training Ground 0.136bb_Noob_Training_GroundXKrisX2005-Jun-06
prison 1.012bb_prisonunknown2005-May-14
resident evil police department 10.049police_con10OMEGA5.12005-May-14
lms repo 1.03lms_repo_b1unknown2005-May-14
ssfso_zombieassault 1.05ssfso_zombieassaultĞ @ b Ī Ł //2005-May-14
Street 1.012bb_streettoob2005-May-14
gun zone !!! 1.013bb_gunzonsnick2005-May-06
Urban Frontier 1.016bb_urbanBlue Summer2005-May-03
lms_conduit 1.07lms_conduitĞ @ b Ī Ł //2005-Apr-28
lms_square 1.011lms_squareĞ @ b Ī Ł //2005-Apr-28
PotDiving 1.010PotDivingGIR_Almighty2005-Apr-23
Labrinth01000001 1.013Labrinth01000001GIR_Almighty2005-Apr-18
rawr8 8.011rawr8metalgear2005-Apr-21
The Reactor 1.018bb_reactorShoot_me2005-Apr-03
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