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Server problems - Zpin, 2004-12-27 18:06
Due to the very high traffic our servers had to go offline. We moved to another location until we can use the old server again.
Until then it may happen that the page is down from time to time. We apologize for this.
Have fun playing BB nonetheless,
- Spin

BrainBread movie - LordScottish, 2004-12-25 13:53
Hey there,
the Brain Bread movie crew has a website! Make sure to check it out:

Brain Bread movie

To get an overview over their idea you should have a closer look at this forum thread

Have a nice evening! lordscottish

Merry christmas! - LordScottish, 2004-12-24 16:11
Ironoak studios wishes a happy christmas time to everyone! And I have another info for you: Fred is going to be father soon

User created campaign contest! - MadMaxFMM, 2004-12-23 17:21
So, here's the deal:
We want YOU to create usermaps for your usercampaign. The best campaign will be included in one of the next patches. Read more:
User created campaign/maps contest

Merry Xmas and good luck with your map(s)...

Custom usermaps - MadMaxFMM, 2004-12-20 03:44
If you want to download user created maps for BB just take a look at this forum link. You'll find lots of user created BB maps in this thread: Custom map dump thread Cya on the BB servers! MadMax_FMM UPDATE: You can download a wad containing most of the textures used in the official maps here. - Spin

BB v1.1 fix - Zpin, 2004-12-19 00:08
The linux version of BrainBread v1.1 doesn't spawn the new revolver.
This small patch fixes the spawn bug as well as some other things mentioned in the forums:
- Sawed off shotgun should be rechargeable now
- Ammo boxes have infinite ammo
- Revolver is a bit stronger

Most of the other bugs that were mentioned will be fixed with the next patch so stay tuned.
- Spin

Here you can get the windows version of the fix.

NOTE: These patches are server side only. If you don't want to host a server you don't need to download these files.

Patchday! - Zpin, 2004-12-17 22:09
We finally managed to get some more mirrors for the v1.1 patch.
So it's patchday today! Have fun playing your patched BrainBread version!

You'll find the mirror links here.

Here is a list of new features in BB 1.1 urere,frangere,rumpere
- new gun: S&W .44 629 classic revolver
- many bugs fixed
- hopefully improved pings
- a new map, bb_carnage
- a new mapobject
- rebalanced weapons
- improved coop gameplay
- heavily extended mapping possibilitys for custom maps
You can get a detailed changelog here.

Patchday? - LordScottish, 2004-12-17 20:34
Hello Everybody!
The official Patchday is going to be delayed because of our PR manager, he is ill since yesterday and was not able to upload any files to the mirrors or even send any news. Hopefully everything works fine tomorrow. Until then for all our forumvisitors we already have the BB Patch: urere, frangere, rumpere.
But we only have one mirror, so it might be a slow download. Any many servers will propably update tomorrow, so be prepared to not being able to play on all the servers.
I am really sorry for this, I still hope you'll have some fun with BB 1.1! And as soon as we have the mirrors up and the news spread all the trouble will be gone

Cya later! lordscottish

Patchday news - LordScottish, 2004-12-15 21:56
Hey there!
We have a releasedate for the first patch, Brainbread: urere, frangere, rumpere. It will be released this friday at 22.00 GMT. The patch has been tested and we do need a day to upload it to the mirrors. Thanks for your patience, we hope it will be worth the waiting

Meanwhile we have 2 Forumthreads for you:

-A possibility to decide what weapon to implement in patch Nr2: Poll

-The answer to the question what mundus vult decipi means: translation

Cya on the BB servers! Scottish

Release is @22:00 GMT+0100 (not GMT, sorry for that)

Last model for the patch - LordScottish, 2004-12-11 12:25
Hello there!
I just finished the last model for the patch: a real sixshooter. I hope you are happy with our choice Now there is not much left to do for the patch.

Cya all ingame, lordscottish

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