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Betatest coming along great - LordScottish, 2004-11-13 16:03
Hello everybody!
I want to inform you, that the betatest is coming along great: Spin fixed many major bugs and we
are now mainly tweaking the gameplay of Brainbread. We will take the time necessary to make it as fun as possible.
To shorten the time to the release a bit I have several screenshots for you taken by our betatesters. You can
see some elements of the experience and mission objective system on these screenshots.

Cya in the Forums

Betatesters selected - Zpin, 2004-11-02 10:56
We finished the selection of betatesters yesterday and I sent out notification emails. The accepted applicants have to confirm this email.
Please confirm it until Friday evening or I'll delete the application and take another one instead.

UPDATE: Unconfirmed applications will allready be deleted on thursday.

Betatest applications - Zpin, 2004-10-31 20:49
We get many questions concerning how to sign up for betatesting. The form where you can apply is deactivated since yesterday evening.
We kept the form up for 24 hours after sending out the news and got over 300 applications. We didn't expect such an interesst so thanks to everyone who applied.
It is to say that many of the appliacants won't get to betatest BrainBread as we'll need only about 10-15%.
We are currently evaluating the applications and you should get information soon wheter or not you were accepted.

In the mean time you can get to know Fred a bit better.

BrainBread betatest application - Zpin, 2004-10-29 17:01
BrainBread has reached a playable state so we need some betatesters who want to help us fixing the bugs and making BrainBread even more fun!

You can apply for a betatesting account using this form. There you'll also be informed wheter or not you were accepted as a betatester.
In order to sign up you need to have an account in our forums. You can create one here.

We don't need many betatesters so don't be disappointed if we don't accept you. We don't expect the betatest to last longer than one or two weeks but you never know. Stay tuned for further information!

BrainBread status - Zpin, 2004-10-26 22:54
We are making good progress with the development of BrainBread and expect to start the betatests very soon.
There are still some minor features missing but it's allready fun to play (even singleplayer).
As soon as the betatesters (which could be YOU, by the way) decide that there is no more major bug that has to be solved in order to make BB fun, we'll release.

We'll post it in the news as soon as the betatests begin including a link to the betatest application form. You'll need a forum account in order to participate.

Heres a small appetizer ;)

Brainbread IRC Channel - Recoilmaster, 2004-10-18 19:03

i created a Brainbread IRC Channel, to talk with the Developers or other Brainbread Fans :=). Simple join Quakenet and #brainbread or use this link. To join, you need an IRC Client like MIRC.

BrainBread zombie contest - Zpin, 2004-10-16 18:45
You can actively contribute to the development of BrainBread by posting your customized zombie model skins in this thread in our forums.
We will include some of the best (i.e. most creative) skins into the final release of BrainBread.
Everything you need for the modification can be found in the BrainBread zombie SDK.

Contest conditions:
Post finished models in the thread "Contest Entries" in the Brainbread forum.
Don't modify the model, only the skin has to be done.
Have fun!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact LordScottish or ask directly in the news comments.

BrainBread officially announced - Zpin, 2004-10-16 18:21
We are proud to announce another Half-Life modification made by IronOak studios.
The setting is completely different from our previous productions and if you are below the age of... well, 16 should do it, then better leave this site immediately.

If youre not hungry right now you can also take a look at the gallery, which could wake up your BRAINhunger!

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